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Gamecube vs. Xbox vs. Ps2
****Note: There is an error in 20m that sometimes erases a few numbers and letters from the text. Please forgive me because it is beyond my control.

In this Section, I will convince everyone that gamecube is the best choice out of the three. First of all, gamecube's power makes the most sense. It has more than ps2 which allows it to have great graphics like those in resident evil and starfox adventures. Xbox has way to much capable power which makes it look like the best choice, but what people dont realize is that they are never going to use half of it. Xbox and Ps2's roms are 4.5 gigabytes and Gamecubes is only 1.5, which makes people's opinions about it weak. Only about 1 gigabyte is used on an average game, and by looking at the great quantity of ports from xbox and ps2 to gamecube, you can see this much space isnt needed. On resident evil, as you can see, has wonderful graphics, making it span 2 discs. No other game will you see graphics as good as this, which is the reason for the need of more than 1.5 gigabytes. Resident Evil 0 will span 3 discs, showing the limit doesnt stop great designers from making there potential. Now on the games. Gamecube was made to continue the legendary games started off on the first NES. Nintendo has had the most experience with gaming, with 4 game consoles and over 4 handheld gaming units. This is Xbox's first, and Ps2's second. Many years ago, Nintendo asked Sony to make a console using CD's. After made, Nintendo said they didnt need it anymore. Sony showed this product to the market and called it the playstation, selling millions. Microsoft is a major PC company and have always had the ability to make a powerful product. The bad thing about it is they have no legends. No very great games to be remembered by everyone. And neither does Playstation. Final Fantasy was started on the NES and with the major sales of PS, Squaresoft decided they would make more money continuing the series on Playstation. Now, Square is teaming with Nintendo to make Final Fantasy Unlimited for Gamecube, and which will be connected to the Gameboy Advance for extra features. This is undoubtly going to be a great hit that most cube owners will enjoy. But that is a mear(spelled right?) fraction of the great games for the Nintendo Gamecube. Ask anyone in America and they will know of Mario. How famous has Chief Commander from Halo become? He doesnt even have a name! Crash Bandicoot, the closest thing coming to a Legend on Playstation, isnt even exclusive to the console! It is on GBA, Gamecube, Xbox, and ps2. Even an additional crash game will be exclusive to gamecube. I myself have bought that game and have loved the whole series, but still is nothing compared to the Nintendo Legends. Zelda, the legendary Nintendo RPG, is extremely famous but due to the failure of N64 Majora's Mask sold far below expectations. With a great new console and a new cell-shading style, The Legend of Zelda hasnt looked better. StarFox McCloud's games that started on Super Nintendo was a very famous spaceship shooter game. Starfox: Dinosaur Planet is a totally new style starfox game where you go off your ship and explore a strange planet full of dinosaurs. Your team is still there and the graphics for this game are truly amazing. You can actually count each fur on his body. Resident Evil, surely, has the best graphics of any game there is today. While waiting a thought about it actually crossed my mind. I wondered if it was some sort of joke because there is no way a game could look that good. It may sound like an exaggeration but it's true. Resident Evil 1, 0, 2, 3, Code Veronica, and 4 are all going to be exclusive to Gamecube. There is Code Veronica X on Ps2, but trust me, is nothing compared to the graphics of the gamecube one. There is also going to be an online Resident Evil for Ps2, but that takes away the whole idea of it. Resident Evil was famous for the fun of surviving by yourself in a dangerous environment with weapons to protect yourself and lots of puzzles to get past. But online with other people you dont know...what kid of game could it be? Resident Evil isn't supposed to be a 007 multiplayer shooter, but an alone survivor horror with puzzles and zombies. If I had a Ps2 i surely wouldnt waste my money on that game, which is the rotten apple in a basket of a great series. Xbox is full of sports games and if your are a sports guy go ahead and get one. I'm not and the only sports game I'll get is Tony Hawks. Gamecube and Ps2 have many sports games as well and some are pretty good. NHL Hitz 20-02 is one of them. But there arent any really good games on Xbox. I heard Halo was good, but have never played it myself. Still, one game is worth spending 250 dollars. The Xbox original controller i hate, but for those of you who view the same, they make a controller S which is smaller. Still, for being the first system, i wouldve expected a great controller to start with. Sony was cheap enough to not even design a new controller and kept the old neutral one, which was a ripoff of the supernintendo one. Ps2 only has 2 controller ports and Nintendo has had one on the N64 since 1996. Gamecube's controller, despite what you might of heard, isn't small at all. It wasnt made to be gripped by your whole hand. It was designed so that it is light and can be easily forgotten that your holding a controller. Now, the accessories. If you'd rather hold a Ps2 controller but want a gamecube, you can by the Nyko controller swap cable. You hook the Playstation controller into it and plug the end in the gamecube port. The Gamecube/GBA link cable allows you to connect a gamecube to a GBA to be used as an additionaly screen/controller. For Kirby's Tilt and Tumble 2, which is the sequel to the hit on gameboy color, you use tilt the GBA to move the stage that Kirby rolls on in the gamecube game. In Animal Forest, which is a very long communication game, you can transfer classic NES games to temporary memory in your GBA and play them, and transfer what youve saved back to the gamecube. The Wavebird wireless controller for gamecube comes out June 10th and the quality of it surpasses all other wireless videogame controllers. There is an Interact 5.4 Inch Mobile Monitor for Playstation and Gamecube, but none for Xbox. For those of you who despise gamecube for not having a DVD player, stop complaining and start reading. Panasonic makes a gamecube with a DVD player and other features, called the Panasonic Q. It comes with a remote and many other things unlike Ps2 and Xbox. It does cost 400+ and must be shipped from Japan but thats what you get for wanting a DVD player so much. Most people already have one (i have two). For gamers who are obsessed with online gaming, all three consoles will satisfy that need. I MYSELF AM NOT SURE ABOUT THE FACTS OF ONLINE GAMING AND I AM WAITING FOR SCOTT TO TELL ME. [Xbox already has a modem built in and all you need to buy is a hub. This is one up for Microsoft (gamecube has like 17 ups). For Ps2, you have to buy the modem, adaptor, and Hub costing roughly . For gamecube, all you need to buy is that Modem which comes with adaptors to hook to your computer and everything you need which is roughly]. Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2 is the sequel to the Dreamcast one and are very nice RPG's. It allows 4 players simaltaneously and you can enter things to say to other people. It is sort of like a Multiplayer Turok-style Action rpg. And finally..the prices. It started off with Ps2 300, Xbox 300, and gamecube 200. Now, after the price drop, it is Ps2 200, Xbox 200, and Gamecube 150. That means gamecube is now half the price of what Ps2 and Xbox started with. Lets face it: Just because Ps2 did so successfully doesnt mean anything. People bought it for Grand Theft Auto 3 and Final Fantasy 10, which arent even great games. GTA 3 is a crappy 30 fps and bad graphics. The characters get repetitive and the environment is rough and uncomfortable. Its like a video game about driving in mud and soggy grass when raining. Final Fantasy 10's graphics are nothing to be awed by when comparing to Resident evil and it might be a good game but thanks to the extreme hype people made it to be more than it really is--just regular game. In the water soccer sport, the ball is very crooked. It looks like the Designer came 2 minutes early and decided to make it then. Most fanboys will just reject what i have said, I know i would have if i had an xbox or ps2, but you have to listen. I know that Xbox and Ps2 are worth 200. They both have great games. But the better deal is gamecube. If you dont like nintendo thats probably because you have one of the other consoles which is no good reason not to. But i assure you anyone who gets a gamecube will be extremely satisfied with the wide range of legendary games coming to it in late 2002. It is worth the wait. I urge you. Put away your hatred of Gamecube because of your stubbornness for your owned system and please research gamecube for a bit. There are many many great things about it and I am certain if everyone would do just that they would see the actual greatness of Gamecube.

Wow, i am really obsessed with Resident evil. Richard Judd, an xbox football homof*ck in my english class, said :"resident evil sucks with its weak-ass graphics." If he wasnt 3 feet taller than me i wooda taken out a shotgun and blown his f*ckin xbox-lovin face off. Only reason he dissed it is cause he has an xbox, which means he has to make fun of gamecube. Xbox, i know is good, but Gamecube is way better. Name some good xbox games. Jeez, its like buyin a dreamcast (no good games). There are some, but Gamecube is packed with great games. Super smash brothers melee, Resident evil, Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Resident Evil 4, Eternal Darkness,The Legend OF Zelda 1 and 2, StarFox: Dinosaur Planet, Star Fox Shooter, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario X, Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2, Perfect Dark 0, Kirby's Tilt and Tumble 2, Super Monkey Ball 1&2, 1080 White Storm, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Crash Bandicoot, Animal Crossing, FZero AC & GC, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Party 4, Wario World, The Matrix, and much, much more. What can you say about Xbox? Yeah tons of sports games but who cares about anything other than tony hawks? Ps2, yes, is packed with great games as well. It has tons of Rpg's and lots and lots of great games. I got a gamecube just for da First Party Games. Gamecube is , less than xbox and ps2. It doesnt have a dvd player, but panasonic makes a cube with a dvd player and other features (its called the Panasonic Q). In my opinion, this is the case:

Dance Dance Revolution Update
MAY 27TH: Currently I am looking for a Mod Chip to install in my Playstation so that i can play the burned Konamix Nathan gave me. I have the first American Version but am sick of it. I need Konamix. I am currently an 8 step, and have the capability to do a few 9 steps.

MAY 28TH: I borrowed a modded playstation from nathan and got a burned Konamix but left The american version at his house. I can currently pass every 9 step there is, and my favorite song is .59.

What to look foward to next...
The next gamecube game im getting is eternal darkness sanity's requiem which comes out June 24th. on the 10th im getting the Wavebird Wireless controller to play it on. After that, on August 26th comes Super Mario Sunshine, the sequel to Super Mario 64. Can't wait! September 30th im getting Starfox Adventures and Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. October comes Resident Evil 0, November has Metroid Prime, December is Resident Evil 2. February 2003 is when the Legendary Zelda Game comes out. Hurray!

I've heard great things about Eternal Darkness but know almost nothing about it. Something about a girl who's grampa died and she went in a big clock and can go back in time. It has lots of puzzles and stuff but i have no idea whats so good about it. I guess i have to research...