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This cartoon is produced by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, with great animation and storylines of how they imagine the world 1000 years ahead.
This page is devoted to the TV Series Futurama, on Fox, every sunday, at 7:00pm.

NOTE*** I have added more information
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Philip J. Fry
Formally known as "fry", probably because his favorite food is french fries, I mean, what other possible reason could they have?

The whole show is mainly about fry. Starting 2000, he accidently got frozen for 1000 years and woke in the future, meeting all his friends. Fry spent most of his life playing video games and watching T.V., and his big brother all ways got the last space ship for him (watch Anthology of Interest II). His great great great.... nephew is a proffesor who owns a delivery service called Planet Express and the whole gang has jobs there. Fry is the delivery boy, which he has been for over 1000 years. He's had a relationship with Amy, but it didnt work out, leading to his head on her body. He currently has a crush on Leela and his best friend is Bender.
Turanga Leela
Formally known as "Leela", probably because her favorite words are Leap Lap, and none of her friends can pronounce P's, I mean, what other possible reason could there be?

Leela thought she was an alien for so long but in the fourth season they introduced her parents and we found out she really is just the most human-like mutant of them all. She is the Captain of Planet Express and has very poor depth perception. She is very good in martial arts and has a high kick. She once liked Zapp Brannigan but now after knowing him she hates him. He still has feelings for her. It may seem she is very unimpulsive but when she is she will murder all her co-workers and have sex with Fry (If you dont believe me watch Anthology of Interest I). She has a pet named nibbler that eats just about everything and secretes dark matter which weighs 1,000 pounds for every pound of regular matter. She was raised in an Orphanariam and was often made fun because of her one eye, but that thing produced enough tears to handle it.
Bender Bending Rodriguez
Formally known as "bender", probably to be a symbol that he "bends" his robotgirlfriends feeling when he breaks up with them, since he does so much. I mean, what other possible reason could exist?

Bender was programmed to bend gurders for Suicide Booths but when he met Fry and got his thoughts electrically manipulated he stopped bending and went with fry to work at Planet Express. He needs to drink beer to have energy and if he doesnt he will rust and become delirious (for robots not drinking is like drinking for humans). He lives with Fry, who sleeps in his closet. Bender's most said and favorite word is ass and favorite phrase is: "kiss my shiny metal ass". He is a thief but the unorganized kind. Organized crime in the Mafia isnt his style. He loves to cook and his favorite chef is Elzar, which he competed with and one in a cooking competition.
Dr. Hubert Farnsworth
Formally known as "proffesor" probably because he is a proffesional fusser, and since he is old instead of saying "fus", they say "fes". I mean, what other explanation could there be?

The Proffesor sort of saved the whole show because if it wasnt for him, the whole gang would've been out of jobs and be homeless on the streets asking people for scraps of food to survive in the harsh harsh future in New New York where there is a Robot Mafia and Mutants that live underground with many flying cars and such and such. A long time ago when he was a teacher he gave one of his smartest students an A- and he has grown up to be one of his mortal enemies. His famous qoute after dazing off is "..ohhh..uhh what?" and in the beginning of most of the shows he says: "good news everyone". He invented a monkey that can talk due to the hat it wears which once saved there lives. He has a tooth for ancient alien emperors, especially teryaki style.
Dr. John Zoidberg
Formally known as "Zoidberg", probably because "Zoid" in Swedish means poor, and he loves icebergs. What other reason could they have?

This poor, poor doctor scavenges for food everywhere and when they found popplers he gave the idea to bender to not let poor people get away with free food. He once had a love that turned on him for the confused fry which led to a fight where Zoidberg chops off his arm and has trouble sewing it to the right part. He is a crustacean (lobsterish) with claws and when he gets energetic he gets a cool mohawk. He loves to wear comfortable sandles and can take off his shell any time he wants, but looks freakishly white when not wearing it.
Amy Wong
Formally known as "Amy", probably because she loves to say: "aim at me", but since she's chinese she skips the "at". Yes, it's true.

Her parents are rich and own a university on Mars. She is very sensitive and when gets made fun of cries alot. She also slips on tiny fruit peelings and screams. She has a nifty hairstlye and makes fun of Leela alot about how ugly she is. She is currently dating Kif, a green alien, which is the servent of Zapp Brannigan. Amy is chinese and always wears pink sweats. There really isnt much to talk about her. Umm she once dated fry and "smothered" him with love (in his point of view) just by saying hi. When they got stuck on Venus because of loss of fuel the windshield was full of fog and it looked like they were doing something but actually were just playing cards. Thats about how interesting she can get.
Hermes Conrad
Formally known as "Hermes", probably because his girlfriend is selfish, and he is a slave to her, so to show that she talks about herself all the time, he says: "her me's". That's the only explanation I can think of. What else could it be?

Ah Hermes. The most boring character of them all. He is a beaurocract (#37) and is very organized. He has a jamaican accents and used to be a proffesional limbo dancer but quit when he saw a little boy snap his back trying to imitate him. His girlfriend is jamaican as well but is barely shown in any episodes. One time when another beaurocract has a secret relationship with fry, bender finds out, so she sends his brain to a factory. Hermes goes and gets it and saves the day which is most likely the greatest accomplishment he has had in the eyes of everyone else.